Reports of healings


A blocked bile duct which was due to be operated on had been healed and the obstruction couldn’t be found on scan

A painful knee that would neither bend, nor straighten fully. As we prayed the person’s knee felt as if it was anaesthetised. The pain and stiffness went completely.

A person suffering from a crooked back and in chronic pain described the pain as dripping away from the base of their spine and walked away pain free after some prayer

A person with painful memories reported that the pain related to these memories had gone

Two weeks after prayer a lady came back and reported that to the doctors’ surprise, her husband’s cancer was in remission

A lady with back pain stood up straight for first time in years

A lady came back to tell us we’d prayed for her a few weeks ago and she was going home (abroad) healed

A lady came back to say that prayers for them when they were very anxious about her husband’s pacemaker being fitted had been answered

A person with arthritis in her neck, felt much better. She felt the pain go as we prayed.

A lady asked for prayer for her arthritic knees – after prayer she could kneel and get up from kneeling without help.

We have seen numerous healings of bad backs, stiff and painful joints, relationships...