Reports of healings


Over the past year we have had reports of many kinds of healings, some emotional and some physical. Quite often God will heal instantly but sometimes it takes time. Read on to find out what people have experienced after coming to be prayed for at Healing on the Streets in Tonbridge.

Barren lady prayed for last year is now 2 months pregnant

Mrs J. knees much better after a week

Pneumonia healed

Miss H.'s eating disorder healed

Mrs C. elbow healed from pain completely after a single word of knowledge

Mr B. prayed for arthritis in knees and ankles felt them warm for the 1st time in years as he was prayed for - his wife had a similar issue and had the same sensation

Mrs J. had her neck healed

Lady was prayed for stabbing pain months ago completely healed and MRI revealed nothing at the location

Mrs J (another) prayed for relationship issue in her family reported quite an improvement

Mr N. felt the Lord had come back into his life

Mrs K. had her wrists healed while being prayed for as well as the pain in her neck and shoulders

Mr G. had back pain - OCD - gave his life to Christ

Mrs A. who was prayed for a difficult job situation now just got a much better one and is happier as a result

Mrs L. said she'd received healing for a wound on her leg after she was prayed for recently